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The Alinker is a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. The Alinker is for everyone who wants to maintain an active life regardless of their movement abilities/disabilities. It is designed to be so cool that it overcomes the uneasiness towards disabilities that is felt by mainstream society. When you are using the Alinker you are the person with that cool bike rather than someone who is overlooked or ignored. The Alinker is challenging assumptions about people with disabilities and is striving to build a more inclusive community.

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"Now with the Alinker, I can whiz down the hallway, easily make eye contact again and I seem to have a permanent smile on my face."
- Valerie Kline (Colorado)
What is The Alinker?

What is The Alinker?

The Alinker is a three-wheeled walking bike designed to help people stay active, do what they love, and live life to the fullest.

On the Alinker:
• users sit upright at eye-level with standing companions
• weight is supported by the seat with no stress on the lower body
• handle bars provide additional support
• feet remain on the ground keeping users stable and safe

Whatever the circumstance; chronic aches and pains, getting older/aging, or recovering from an injury, we all want to live an active life! The Alinker is a socially inclusive solution for those who want to stay in the game. It’s a new way to move, a different state of mind, a cool status.

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Our Story

Our Story

Barbara Alink is a Dutch designer, architect, humanitarian, and inventor of the Alinker.
The Alinker story started with a comment of Barbara’s aging mother- Antonia Esman. While passing some elderly people with walkers and scooters, she said: "over my dead body will I ever use one of those!”. Barbara set out to design something better for her mum, but soon realised that what was truly needed was a vehicle for social change, challenging our assumptions about people with mobility challenges.

Our Story


  • Physical Activity

    ‌• Allows for low-impact, strength-building physical exercise
    ‌• Allows for travel across longer distances with less fatigue
    ‌• Lightweight, foldable frame for easy transport

  • Social Inclusion

    ‌• User sits upright, at eye level with their companions
    ‌• Allows for independent operation without assistance
    ‌• Allows users to feel equal & included

  • Emotional Well-Being

    ‌• Instills a sense of freedom to live an active and social life
    ‌• Improves self-image
    ‌• Free to live an activity and social life

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Are there any videos to see how it all works?

Yes! We made many very short videos for you to see. We named them according to the activity in the video, so it is easier to find exactly what you need. Assembly videos can be viewed here: Assembly videos How to videos can be viewed here: How-to videos

Can my Mom who has Parkinson's use an Alinker?

Over the first years already we have experience with hundreds of people with all different abilities and challenges. It is very hard to say who will be successful with the Alinker based on just the physical condition. In general, we can say that people who have always been quite active and then get confronted with the diagnosis of MS or Parkinson’s for example, are looking for something that allows them to keep their active life style. We can also say that Alinkers are used by people with Parkinson’s, MS, Arthritis, amputees, diabetes, stroke recovery, rehabilitation after surgery, neuropathy, RA, SCI and so on. It is not so much the physical abilities but rather the mind set of wanting to be active and engaged, wanting to be healthy and active, knowing that it will take effort, but that the effort is worth the benefits and well-feeling. Purely physically, we can say that people need to be at least able to do the following: • Have some command over their legs. • Be able to lift one leg while standing on the other. • Be aware and cognizant of their surroundings. • Know their limitations in order not to overdo it or be unsafe.

Are there baskets or other accessories?

The Alinker can be equipped with systems for small bags and possibly a basket, though we caution you to not to hang too much weight on the steering bar. It makes steering less comfortable and might compromise the steering mechanism. We are developing Alinker specific bags to be strapped around the frame with Velcro. In general though, all accessories that can fit on bicycles, can likely fit on the Alinker. Think about cup holders, bells, phone mounts, lights, reflectors, etc. Keep an eye on the shop for new Alinker specific products we will add to our line of products over time. We always welcome suggestions from Alinker users as to which accessories they would like or are looking for. So let us know!

What size am I?

The Alinker comes in three frame sizes so far. The inseam is the most important measurement to determine which Alinker suits you best. Each Alinker has an adjustable seat height, giving you a range. First you need to measure your inseam. NOTE: the inseam for the Alinker is to the ground, not the seam of your pants! (refer to the product page for instructions on how to measure). You need Small when your inseam measures between 27 and 30.5 inches or 68 and 77.5cm. You need Medium when your inseam measures between 30.5 and 34.5 inches or 77.5 and 87cm. You need Large: when your inseam measures between 34.5 and 39 inches or 87 and 99cm. If you are right in between sizes please select the smaller frame size. These measurements are based on a saddle pen with suspension which comes standard on the Alinker. A fixed saddle pen can be fitted, whereby the saddle height will come down by around 1.5 inches or 4 cm

Can I buy one and are they available?

Yes, you can buy them in three frame sizes Small Medium and Large, depending on your measurements. Please see the “How to measure” FAQ. We try to always have them in stock so you should have them within a week of ordering, but keeping the balance between sufficient stock and demand is challenging so at times one size might be on backorder. In that case we will let you know the estimated waiting time before you check out. You will see a notification as soon as you select the size in the online shop. Shipping and estimated delivery times are always estimates and subject to circumstances not necessarily under our control.

What about going down hill?

The Alinker is designed to make walking easier and is best suited for flat and relatively flat areas. Going up and downhill is more challenging, as going uphill in a wheel chair or on a bike would be. It is hard to speak in general but some people will see slight hills as a good challenge to practice their muscles and gain strength and for other people slight hills might be too challenging. The standard rear brake is adequate for everyday use and can be held when going down a slight sloping area in order not to speed up. When going down hills, you should not pick up speed, stay under 5Km/hr. / 3mile/hr. The Alinker R-volution should not be used to race downhill for example. Suggested speed should not exceed 5km/hour, going down sloping areas suggested to go slower and stay safe and in control.


Our Certifications

The Alinker is a certified BCorp, a business dedicated to being a force for good. We have partnered with Tree Sisters to become 100% carbon neutral in 2018, planting 50 trees per Alinker produced.


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